Flu 1hr Warm Cure

Flu 1hour Warm Cure

No drugs, surgery, injections, or doctor’s invasive treatment.
Uses God given nature’s defence present in humans.

Years ago Michael using God given common sense worked out a quick, safe fever temperature cure for Influenza. It’s worked in 30 mins to one hour
repeatedly for Michael, scores of relatives. friends & acquaintances.

How Michael’s Quick Cure Works on Virus infections.

Below are facts doctors & top consultants don’t know :-

‘Two Weaknesses of Viruses’

1) Life span of viruses is short – less than 1 hour.
2) For viruses to survive they must replicate.

Replication: Each virus cell divides in to 2 virus cells. 
2 cells divide into 4, 4 in to 8, so on up to a million/second.

When that high, the infected develops a fever & feels very cold; thankfully our omnipotent nature – ‘God’ gives us ‘a caution and a last defence’.

The caution – ‘infected feels very cold’
The defence, ‘hold that fever, cover up, keep warm ‘. Why?

At fever temps replication stops, virus still alive die within 1 hour.
If fever temp is held for 1 hr – with warm clothes/blankets,
even in hot Africa the body is left with only dead viruses.

Dead virus trigger production of anti-bodies to immunise patient.
Anti-bodies kill infections from virus strain to immunise patient.

# Fever temp is held if
limbs & body* are in a sleep bag, (duvet tog 10) – 
 in hot climate.

* NB Do not cover/heat brain hypothalamus (brain thermostat) lowers body temperature to support viruses & replication restarts.

If patient is given hot soup, food, rum it helps core temp / cure.

A sleep bag with tog 8 will hold fever/replication till virus die.

When fever stops replication, viruses die within 1 hour.
If fever remedy is used early, cure is quick with no pain.

How does one tell when the HAIF cure is complete?
If patient’s forehead is warm, cure is incomplete.

If forehead is cool, patient sweats full of energy cure is complete.

Substantial Precise Proof :
In Gulu, Uganda, 2000,
Ebola virus infected 425 people.
Almost half – 200 survived how & why?

A survivor’s* Key words is proof that fever cure works.
* Source BBC Horizon Ebola.
The survivor Walter*, said “The first symptom was fever, fever was just too much, the temperature went up and I was feeling, just very cold. I could put on jacket, shirt and coaty and the rest. I was covering myself, when I went for bed, I could cover myself with four blankets, but I will still feel that it was still cold for me”.

Walter survived because he used HFR – Hold Fever Remedy, by covering himself up with ”jacket, shirt, coaty and the rest, and four blankets”, because he “was feeling, just very cold”.
In Gulu heat? Walter feeling very cold responded to nature’s ‘God’s’ last caution – cover up, keep warm, hold fever.
HFR – Hold Fever stops virus replication until virus die in 1 hour.

The Ebola Virus Cure is given Free for those who need it.

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